The Next Gen Version of the Classic Arcade Game Defender

High Concept:

Defend your world against the ruthless alien invaders who are trying to destroy life as we know it.

Genre: Action

Game Play:

Instead of being a 2d action game the new defender will be presented as a fully 3d action game. The view of the ship will still be in it original position but this time it will be located behind the ship so that you can see what’s coming in front of you, and beside you. The game play is going to be ruthless and aggressive, there isn’t going to be a break in the action. Except for a 3 or so bosses where there will be a 3 second delay in the action. The game will be in the form of 12 levels where at levels 4, 8, and 12 will be a boss. Mostly this game is going to be about NON STOP action, throwing everything at the player we possibly can. Weapons and ships will also be upgradeable; the player will basically start out with a stock ship with machine guns on both of its wings as his weapons. Every kill you get on an alien invader you will rack up 50 points. At every 500 point mark you can then upgrade your ship, weapons, or shields. By the end of the game your ship should look completely different from the original, and you should have countless weapons to choose from for use in your arsenal. Upgrades are there because after each level the game will just continue to get harder. At level one there won’t be as many attackers, but by progression of each level we will throw more and more invaders at the player.


Online feature will play a major role in the game this time around. There will be co-op where you will team up with 2-8 players in a massive online game where you are taking on the alien invaders. This will make things considerably easier from the single person game. This time you could have up to 8 people helping you. Online play will also use the feature of the headphones. Another online option would be player vs. Player; this is where there will be a total of 16 players in a last man standing match, sort of like a halo kind of deal. You can choose to be either a Defender, or an alien invader, it’s basically the player’s choice. In Online team play its basically the same as the single play version, only this time you can team up with 2-8 of your buddies and go toe to toe with another group of buddies. One will be the defenders the other group would be the invaders.

One new feature will be the upgrades, every kill of an alien invader is worth 50 points, and at every 500 points you can either upgrade your ship, weapons, or shields. Bosses at levels 4, 8, and 12 are worth 1500 points a piece. You can even choose to rack up points and use them in another portion of the game. Weapons in the game will consist of Gatling guns, machine guns, laser guns, Missiles, Heat seeking missiles, Smart missiles, Smart bombs, nukes, atomic bombs, mines, grenades and this new weapon where you can shoot multiple missiles at a time I think will call it the Missile machine gun. Each weapon will increase by how many you have, there overall effect or efficiency of attack. On all the weapons you will start out with level 1, once there all maxed out they will be at level 20. At level 20 the weapons would kill at an amazingly large range. Each weapon can be upgraded by 2 at every 500 points. By the end of the game your weapons should be upgraded to level 20, if not then that’s ok. The main boss is the hardest to beat and the weapon upgrades will help the player out a lot. Your ship can be upgraded as well, at each upgrade your ship will change dramatically. Your ship will be maxed out at level 20 and at every 500 points you can upgrade your ship by 1 point. Your shield can also be upgraded as well; this will help because this would cause less damage to your ship until it ran out. The shield can be maxed out to level 20 and at every 500 points you can increase it by 1 each time. At every level change your shield will be restored.

There will be 3 bosses in the game at level 4, 8, and 12. The first boss will be a fixed up alien invader ship, nothing special. The second boss will be a secondary command ship of the alien invaders. This one will be tougher considering you have to fight both the main boss and alien invader ships as well. The last boss is the main command ship, the grand daddy of them all. Not only to you have to fight the main ship but you also have to fight secondary command ships along with alien invader ships too.

Another new feature will be the view. Instead of being in the original 2d side view this time you will be located up and behind the ship. This is so that you can see what is coming in front of you and to the side of you. Also, every thing will look 3d.

The missiles, bombs, etc. will have the feature of a target on all the console based games. Computer based games will not have this feature. The target can be controlled by the right analog on either the PS3, or X-Box 360 controllers. The Wii target would be used by the hand toggle.

Slow motion/Hyper mode will also be featured in this game. This is where you can slow down the action and really do some damage. Only thing is you only get 1 minutes use of it at first. This will also be upgradeable by the use of the 500 point system. You can get up to 3 min. per level when it is fully maxed, max level would be 3.

The upgrades can be cashed in or used by pressing the triangle button on the PS3, the Y button on the 360 and the U button on the keyboard.


You will start out at a command base on mars. The president is talking to all the world leaders, when suddenly they feel a massive jolt. The aliens are back and they want to take back what is right fully there’s. In 3558 the earth’s resources ran dry so all the world leaders came into an agreement to create a livable habitat on mars that evolved in 2358. Mars was going to be the new earth and is the new setting of the game. After 50 years of living there the aliens came back to take what was there, just 1,000 years prior was when aliens inhabited the planet and left right before it evolved. The battles will take place on mars; this will be a free roaming game where you can take any path that is desired, without all the barriers. Everything such as buildings is raised high off the ground. You can even fight in a small portion of space when a level will allow it. Space will be a fairly large area as well.

Mars is a dry type atmosphere with grass, trees, large bodies of water, and a whole lot of land mass, cities, towns, highways, roads, houses, people, etc. Everything is raised off the ground and looks very chromish and extremely futuristic (Buildings, cars, etc.) Cars can even fly now; Hover cars, thing is they will only be driven by cg characters (people). You will also see mountains, hills, canyons, craters, and any other land mass of that nature. This will be a huge environment to fight in that looks dangerously close to earth the only difference is that its mars and it has a few enhancements.


Cut scene:

Earth runs dry at the year of 3557, it shows how you make the transition to Mars, and you will see red dust at first covered by small portions of grass and water. The screen fades, it comes back and you see 3558 and you basically see earth only this time it’s on Mars. There are people walking around, animals, raised off the ground chrome buildings, cities, towns, etc. They basically started an entire new civilization on Mars.

Next you will hear people talking inside a command center. Those people are the world leaders including the president of the United States talking about how well we have made the transition from earth to Mars. All of a sudden your screen shakes and on the console your controller will vibrate. They open the curtains on the windows only to see there newly built civilization on mars is getting destroyed by alien invaders. You then see the command center get struck and totally destroyed killing all the world leaders in it. All that is left is you and your commandos to take on the alien invaders yourselves. You have the responsibility to save and protect the world now. You will act as the main commander in this game, it all revolves around you. The scene then fades and cuts to you saying to your soldiers we have to fight or mankind as we know it will not exist. The scene then cuts to everyone getting into there ships including you. You’re the last in the ship and you tell everyone to go. The screen fades to black, and then it shows you flying in the air toward the alien invaders. You see all your soldiers get killed so now it’s up to you and a few others to save your newly built planet. If you some how beat the game at the end you will see a cut scene that shows you being appointed the new leader of your civilization, the leader of the people.

End credits………..

Then you will see what you ranked in the game. It is based on the time it took to beat the game and how many invaders you destroyed during the entire portion of the game. Grades will be from A-F, a being the best, f being bad. Only a grade of A will unlock everything in the game to be used if you want to play the game again or try out online play.

Target Market: Mass market, this game will be offered to people of all ages. I just hope the liker’s of the original defender will like this game as much or even better.Target Hardware Platforms: PS2, X-Box, PS3, X-Box 360, Wii, PC